Part Number VF2235-RT Let us repair your defective LUST ELECTRONIC VF2235-RT 1.5HP LUMIDRIVE.
Alternate Part Number VF2235RT
Description 1.5HP LUMIDRIVE
Repair Price Estimate $267.96
This is our estimated repair price for your LUST ELECTRONIC VF2235-RT 1.5HP LUMIDRIVE Electronics Repair based on previous repairs of similar LUST ELECTRONIC VF2235-RT 1.5HP LUMIDRIVE units. Actual repair cost will be detemined upon completion of our free evaluation. You will be notified of any changes. If you would like us to repair your LUST ELECTRONIC VF2235-RT 1.5HP LUMIDRIVE please select the "Get it Repaired" button below to send yourLUST ELECTRONIC VF2235-RT 1.5HP LUMIDRIVE to us.
Click The "Get It Repaired" Button Get it Repaired
Please ask about our Electronics Refurbishment Program. We can Repair and Refurbish your LUST ELECTRONIC VF2235-RT 1.5HP LUMIDRIVEand warrant it for two years!
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